Biggest Legal Tyres for 79 Series Landcruiser

Larger tires usually lead to other modifications. People find that they are not satisfied with the difference in performance and start looking for mods for their vehicle to generate more power. If the tires do not adjust properly, the next step is to hang or lift the body or cut the protectors. Believe me; Once you start this slippery movie of 4×4 modifications, there is no output! I`m not saying this to prevent you from riding bigger tires just to make you aware of the potential cost on the track! There`s a reason 4x4s come out with the tire size they have. You may be able to mount the next-sized tires on your 4×4, but go a few sizes higher and things will start to tighten. The first thing you`ll notice is that the tires of the internal guards (usually at the front) or the bull bar get dirty. If it`s just minor friction, you may be able to get away with it, but remember, if the suspension bends upwards, it will approach your guards. I went to see the local tyre guys who were just down the road from us who made the tyres for us on the Wrangler to get an offer for Big Betty`s wheel and tyre upgrade. Good group of guys at Tyre Busters and damn good prices. We had a conversation with Leonard and chatted with steel rims and mud tires. I wanted to get a 1-inch elevator with wheels, so we`re going a little over 32 inches from the standard wheels. I was very interested in going with BF Goodrich KM3 according to the reviews I`ve read and seen, but I know these guys make General Tire Grabber X3 which are also pretty good.

I thought GTs would be cheaper, but exactly the same price, so BFG is. My Hilux climbed at least a few liters per hundred kilometers, which was expected because the wrong engine was already working hard. The difference in our 80 series is a little less noticeable, and I think at 100 km/h it actually consumes less fuel because the revs are more centered in the torque curve. Above all, abide by the laws; It`s not worth the risk. Why do so many 4x4s run on thin tires? They can`t be that bad! The other option is to go 0 offset in advance and also have the spare part as a 0 offset, but this becomes painful when the tires turn every 10,000 km or so. I dropped off the car today to mount the tyres, super excited to see the final result. I took the car a few hours later and the sacred molybdenum, what a change. Big Betty looks damn awesome! So happy with the final result.

The offset looks hard, and the black on white is just fantastic. BFG Muddys also look super hard. It looks like a completely different car. I`m really glad I did it and did it right away, at least I should be able to get a good price on the standard wheels and tyres as they only had 1,800km on them. Check the images below and you can see the final result. Does a 17×8 6 stud pattern, 4.5″ back spacing fit my 1997 Landcruiser? In the end, larger tires are fitted to make a 4×4 more powerful. However, the fact is that there are many ways to do this. For example, a locker will make your vehicle immensely more powerful. If the decision was made, I would keep my vehicle legal and set up a locker instead. Having installed ELockers not so long ago, I know they have made our 80 Series much more powerful than tires have ever done. Hello – I have a 2005 GXL V8 petrol 100 series. Will it match the standard wheels of a 2014 GXL 79 series? The tires are supplied 265/75/16 tires busters and mounts the wheels and tires – here is their website if you want more information.

Perhaps the main reason for the restrictions on mounting larger tires is the reduction in braking performance. As the diameter of the tire increases, your braking performance decreases. This is a serious problem; Your brakes should work as well as possible. However, as long as you comply with your state`s legal requirements, you have no problems. Hello, I have a Hilux 06 RWD 5 stud farm. Will the 100 series wheels fit and be safe for my machine? Hi, I have a Landcruiser Sahara 2012 and I`m looking to buy a number of standard double wheels method there a 5×150 18 “x9” + 25 offset backspace key 6.00 “I`m just wondering if they will fit? The front window calipers look like they sit a lot compared to the back? Thank you Excellent article, I sent it to my son, he is at the age where modifications are queens, it will give him an overview of what he can do legally Please, please do not skip this. You are responsible for driving a vehicle on the road that is safe and legal on the road. Nevertheless, many people choose to ignore what the law says and use the tire size they want. You can`t do it legally, and the implications are very, very serious. I`m not talking about a slap on the wrist and a yellow sticker from the local police officer, I`m talking about potential jail sentences and huge medical bills to pay if you`ve been proven to be driving a dangerous vehicle, or if your insurance company finds out and leaves, so you have to fix the problem. So, does the -25mm offset on your rims push the tires beyond the protectors? Landcruiser 2000 series 100I`m thinking of getting 17” wheels with a +10 lag. Can I use a 285/70/17? He`s a real buddy.

We didn`t go to Neg 50 and 0 at the front to be able to turn all the tires and work more easily with the replacement. Originally, we had planned to replace the diff, but this did not happen for several reasons. We had a conversation about the rims and Leonard recommended going with a negative 55mm offset at the rear to compensate for the offset wheel path and no offset at the front. My boyfriend had told me not to do it as it could cause problems with your bearings. Supposedly, since the tires are now sitting on an extra 55mm, much more pressure is applied to your rear bearings, and so you need to make sure you maintain them more often. Google it and get the technical details this way from my knowledge. So I decided to set a negative offset of 25 mm on all wheels. It also means that I have no problem with the replacement and if I ever solve the problems with the rear axle offset, I don`t have to change my rims. With steel rims, I also need new wheel nuts, I asked for black nuts that match the black rims. I also opted for 8-inch Dynamic Steel wheels because they are of such good quality in Australia. The tire size was 285/75 R16 to give me 32 inches of 30 with the standard configuration.

With the 32, I`m going to end up with an extra 1-inch elevator for the ride, which is legal in Queensland. To be completely honest, I love the 70 Series alloy wheels and would have loved to stay with them. The difference in weight between our steel rims and our 33 drop-off tires compared to standard tires and alloy wheels is huge. We wrote an article comparing the weights of the two configurations. The comfort with the Mud 33 is terrible compared to the standard tire configuration. I`m sure all the terrain would be much better, but the vibrations are pretty bad around 80 km/h. In the end, it`s just a matter of what you want to get by going to 33. For the things we do that are mostly on tour, we don`t really need 33, but it`s just nice to have them for that little extra outing when we need them. If I did everything again, I would always go to 33. If you go 33, you`ll want to make a dyno melody and clutch, as it will be slow without them. Since I`ve had the melody for almost two years now, I highly recommend doing it if you can. Completely different car to drive, and better on fuel than before (only slightly, but not worse, which was a surprise).

We`re towing too, so we needed that extra power. Let`s look at this from several angles. For every tire size with a larger diameter of 25 mm that you enlarge, your vehicle gains only 12.5 mm of additional space. Suppose you switch from 31-inch tires to 33-inch tires, you will gain 25 mm. Does 25mm really make a big difference? Some say it does, and others say it doesn`t. I would say that the right tire pressure and tread pattern would make a bigger difference. I have the 2002 90 series with 2 inch elevator. Will 275/70/17 fit my car Can anyone please tell me if the alloy wheels of the Landcruiser 79 series fit a 2004 Toyoto lFS front….. Prost tires from a single 265/70R16 to a true 35×12.5R17 can be driven in combination with rims from 16″ to 18″ in diameter and from 0 to -25 offset. In addition to a full 35-inch tire, the 305 and 315 (34.4″) metric equivalents can also be used legally. If you climb higher, from 31-inch tires to 35-inch tires, you gain 50 mm of free space. It`s a little more, but again, nothing that the lockers wouldn`t compensate for.