Best Legal Studies Universities

We have compiled a list of the top 20 law degrees with you and your needs. Here`s how we did it: Many students choose to study law because it allows for great professional flexibility. This unique program consists of a liberal core with a solid foundation of legal specialty courses. Mandatory courses may include the following: While a Master of Laws provides the knowledge and skills required to become a Contract Compliance Officer or Social Services Manager, those who wish to become lawyers, judges and hearing officers must first graduate from law school and pass the bar exam. Lawyers can have a bachelor`s degree in many different fields. Common options include law, history, economics, and political science. For legal studies, there are a variety of potential LLCs that could complement your studies with an enriching living space. For example, the University of Kansas has a “Leadership, University & You” learning community where students can develop their careers and leadership skills. The University of Denver has a Social Justice LLC where you can learn more about participating in grassroots activism. This program is not specifically designed for those preparing to study law. It also does not offer training as a miner or paralegal.

Mandatory courses may include the following: While not a requirement, many law students participate in an internship during their undergraduate studies. The department also helps connect current and former students with employment opportunities in the field. The law can be very broad, and chances are you want to understand how to apply your major to different topics. Researching other academic topics is a great way to learn more about your academic interests and help you refine your future career. When researching at potential universities, make sure that the choice of studies and interdisciplinary opportunities match the breadth of your own academic interests. For example, the University of Pittsburgh allows lawyers to take courses in political science, urban planning, and sociology. Senior: Lipscomb University is located in the beautiful city of Nashville. Campus life is full of fun activities, from Bible study to vision board nights to movie nights in the courtyard where you can always meet new people! During my time at Lipscomb, I found communion with many groups of people and organizations.

During my time at Lipscomb, I grew up as an individual and greatly enjoyed my time here as a student. As a student pursuing a career in healthcare, Lipscomb`s focus on a Christian mindset in the health world has influenced the way I see the world and have chosen the career path. I love smaller classes that allow for intimate learning environments with your teachers! I was able to experience things like undergraduate research in my field on campus to help me prepare for my future! I would recommend Lipscomb to any student who wants a smaller Christian environment with a personal and engaged community on campus! Read 803 Reviews Stevenson University is home to the only ABA-approved bachelor`s degree in paralegal program in Maryland. The university also offers a BS/MS option for those who focus on law and also wish to work at a master`s degree. Students can obtain their master`s degree in just one year after their bachelor`s degree. There are also a variety of related minors that you wish to pursue in connection with the law major. The Affordable Rankings of Legal Studies exam can provide the information you need to make the best choice for your academic and professional future. The results can help you identify the most cost-effective options and programs that are well regarded by potential employers. We focus our data collection exclusively on colleges and universities that specialize in affordable law programs. The IAU is slightly different from its colleagues in the college.

You`ll find that it`s better known as an online university, but it also offers in-person classes for students who enroll in it. AIU is a private, for-profit university located in Schaumburg, Illinois. The campus itself is small; Just a big building for administrators, lecturers, and the few students who attend face-to-face classes. While convenient for many people, online programs sometimes lack resources from a traditional school on campus. To make sure you have the best possible opportunities, check out the academic resources and career services that the college or university has to offer college students and graduates.