Albany Law School Dean`s List

The Directors` Gold Medal, first awarded in 1966, is the highest honour bestowed by the Albany Law School and is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated exemplary support and dedication to the advancement of the Albany Law School. This award is given by the Board of Directors based on the nominations of the Board of Directors of the National Alumni Association. The list of Directors` Gold Medal recipients includes Warren M. Anderson `40, Domenick L. Gabrielli `36, the Honourable Robert J. Sise `49, Professor David D. Siegel, Donald R. DeAngelis `60, the Honourable Harry J. D`Agostino `55, Peter M. Pryor `54, James N. Benedict `74, E. Stewart Jones Jr.

`66, Edward P. Swyer, Daniel P. Nolan `78, the Honorable Bernard J. Malone Jr. `72, and the Honorable Randolph F. Treece `76. J.K. Hage III `78 was awarded the Directors` Gold Medal in 2021.

Previously General Counsel at Dime Bancorp, Inc., Kelly has worked throughout his career as a Chief Financial and Legal Officer and Board Member in the banking and wealth management industry in New York City. A three-time member of the Board of Directors, Kelly served as Chair of the Board`s Long-Term Planning Committee from 2009 to 2013 and was involved in the development of the Opportunity Pathways Strategic Plan, adopted by Albany Law School in 2014. During his tenure on the Board of Directors, he also helped stabilize the school`s outlook during the economic downturn in law schools from 2010 to 2015, as Vice-Chair of the Board during that period from 2013 to 2015. Experience Requirement: Two courses (for a total of at least 6 credits) that offer in-depth teaching of skills, with at least one course taken in the clinic of the following list: Juliana Piemonte, daughter of Vito and Kathy Piemonte, 6222 Lorena Road, has been included in the list of deans of the spring 2021 semester at albany Law School. Ouellette, who graduated from Albany Law School in 1994, took over as dean in October 2014, succeeding Penelope Andrews before being officially named president and dean by the board of trustees in January 2015, according to the school`s announcement. The Donald D. DeAngelis` 60 Excellence in Alumni Service Award, established in 1989, recognizes outstanding commitment and dedication to alumni, the National Alumni Association and the Albany School of Law. It was named in honor of Donald D. DeAngelis, Klasse von 1960, der als erster Präsident des National Alumni Association Board of Directors, Mitglied des Albany Law School Board of Trustees und Mitherausgeber der Albany Law Review diente, neben anderen Beiträgen zur juristischen Fakultät. Die Empfänger schließen sich einer bemerkenswerten Liste früherer Preisträger an, darunter: Richard D.

Parsons `71, Prof. Francis H. Anderson `47, Dean Martin H. Belsky, Daniel P. Nolan `78, Dianne R. Phillips `88, John J. Yanas `53, Hon. Erik E.

Joh `70, Prof. Michael J. Hutter Jr., Berta Hernandez-Truyol `78, Hon. Andrew M. Cuomo `82, Hon. Bernard J. Malone Jr. `72, Donna E. Wardlaw `77, Richard A.

Reed `81, Robert G. Lyman `69, William E. Redmond `55, Mary Ann A. Cody `83, Barbara D. Cottrell `84, John M. Bagyi `96, Harold C. Hanson `66, Larry P. Schiffer `79, Ruth E.

Leistensnider `88, Keiki-Michael Cabanos `97, Amy J. Kellogg `02 et Robert A. Rausch `94. und Thania F. Fernandez `85. Patrick K. Jordan `02 received the DeAngelis Award in 2021. Pomerance is Assistant General Counsel and Legislative Liaison Officer and oversees several of the ministry`s program initiatives. Her work focuses on advocacy and support for veterans, military personnel and their families on a variety of federal and state issues. While at Albany Law, he founded and led the pro Bono project on the rights of the school`s veterans. He is also an associate professor at Albany Law School and teaches veterans` law.

As a prerequisite for graduation and the completion of their penultimate semester of law, a student must submit extensive legal research. A student can meet this requirement in one of the following ways: Mandatory for students whose cumulative grade point average brings them to the bottom quarter of the class at the end of the second semester: Advanced Legal Analysis II (taken as 3L) and 4 from the following list: Business Organizations; conflict-of-laws rules; Criminal procedure: investigation OR criminal procedure: judgment; Internship in family law OR family law OR matrimonial law; sales, secured transactions; Commercial Law Survey; Trusts and estates. “With the law school moving in a positive direction on all fronts, I believe the time has come to begin a transition to new leadership,” said Alicia Ouellette, president and dean of Albany Law School, in a letter to the law school community. Seminar on the Legal Profession or Professional Liability Costello is a Senior Counsel at Hinman Straub PC. He represents clients before the New York State Legislature, the Governor`s Office and state regulators. He specializes in board governance issues for not-for-profit corporations. Costello is chairman of the board of the USS Slater and a board member of Hope House, an addiction treatment center in Albany that merged with the women-centered addiction treatment center The Next Step. He is a long-time member of the Advisory Board of the Government Law Center and is currently its Chair. He has served as president of LaSalle School, Albany Diocese Catholic Charities, Saint Peter`s Addiction Recovery Center, United Way of New York, and Albany Waterway.

International law to choose from the following courses: comparative constitutional law, conflict of laws law, Indian federal law, international and comparative intellectual property, international business transactions, international rights of the child, international environmental law, international human rights law, international labour law, international trade law, international martial and criminal law, international organizations, Climate change law, national security law, international law. Hybrid Clinic: Hybrid Domestic Violence Prosecution Clinic Alicia Ouellette, president and dean of Albany Law School, tendered her resignation Tuesday, stating that she intends to resign on June 30, 2023, after completing a nearly nine-year term. Launched in 2019, the Humanitarian Excellence Award recognizes the outstanding humanitarian contributions of a community individual who uses their time and legal expertise to improve quality of life and indifference, intolerance and/or injustice by providing pro bono services, engaging in activism, supporting legal education, improving the delivery of legal services. and beyond. Previous recipients include the Honourable Elizabeth A. Garry `90, Mr. Sherry Gold and the Gold Family and Lillian M. Moy. Albany Law School honors five distinguished alumni and friends at the 2022 Grand Honors Awards on Thursday, Sept. 15 at 5:30 p.m.

The ceremony will be presented by the National Alumni Association. Everyone is invited to attend in person or tune in virtually to celebrate these dedicated alumni of Albany Law School. To be eligible for the Juris Doctor, a student must complete a total of 87 credits with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.25 and pass all required courses. The required courses are: Alternative Dispute Resolution Advanced Legal Research Appeal Practice Applied Health Policy Art and Entertainment Law Client Interview and Advice Court of Appeal Intensive Will Writing, Revoc. Trusts, Fact Investigation Family Law Practicum Legal Issues in Medicine Mediation Negotiating for Lawyers Supreme Court Watch Trial Practice I & II – Civil Trial Practice I & II – Criminal Witness Examination Skills Trustee Emeritus, Albany Law School Board of Trusteeing Donoring, Albany Law School Wellness Initiative The Distinguished Alumni Award, established in 1998 to recognize an individual`s continued service at Albany Law School, is the highest honour awarded by the Board of Directors of the National Alumni Association. Award criteria include outstanding professional achievement, sustained commitment, and ongoing support from Albany Law School. Previous recipients include Donna E. Wardlaw `77, the Honourable Randolph F. Treece `76, the Honourable Joseph C.

Teresi `71, the Honourable Mary O. Ricci `83, the Honourable Victoria A. Graffeo `77, VADM Barry M. Costello `81, Peter C. Kopff `75, Frank L. Fernandez `80, Hon. Katherine M. Sheehan `94, Hon. Thomas J. Vilsack `75, Lisa A.

Whitney `71, Stephen P. Younger `82, Hon. Bernard J. Malone Jr. `72, Hon. Michael J. Garcia `89, Hon. Leslie E.

Stein `81 and Dale M. Thuillez `72. Hon. Ryan T. Donovan `01 received the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2021. Internship Courses: Entrepreneurship, Law and New Technologies Innovation Intensive: Technology Commercialization Training Program Law and Social Innovation Internship in Transactional and Business Law The Albany Law Faculty of Law Research`s Corner is a special show of regular professor-to-professor discussion moderated by Associate Dean of Research and Scholarships and Professor of Law Keith Hirokawa on current legal research and current events.