Acc Chief Legal Officer Survey 2021

The 2021 Survey of General Counsel represents the views of 947 legal directors and general counsel in various countries, industries and organizations. VAC`s annual survey of global general counsel and general counsel On a list of 19 corporate functions, data protection is the second most common function reported to OCOL (46%) after compliance (74%). Privacy ranks above ethics, risk and government affairs. This finding is consistent with evidence that indicates increasing oversight by the legal department or increased responsibility for data protection. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly one-third of ministries plan to add lawyers to their internal teams in 2021. Twenty per cent of departments plan to add paralegals and 12.7 per cent expect to hire additional professionals for legal operations. The key findings of the 2021 report are listed below, and all CLOs and Advocates General can participate in the 2022 inquiry here and receive a free copy of the results. Ninety per cent of CLOs believe that privacy issues will continue to accelerate in the near future, followed by a focus on diversity and inclusion (72.7%) and ESG issues (65.8%). The use of AI in legal technology applications is expected to accelerate further by a majority of CLOs, but has fallen to fourth place on our list of top trends. ONE-THIRD OF DEPARTMENTS PLAN TO ADD MORE LAWYERS IN 2021 Sixty-one percent of legal departments now employ at least one legal operations professional. This is an increase of 6.7 percentage points from the previous year and an increase of 39.4 percentage points since 2015.

Twenty-one percent of departments now employ at least four lawyers, indicating a clear and steady growth in the role. Audience: CCA members worldwide who are the most senior legal advisors in their respective legal services. A screening question was asked to determine the most relevant population. Listen to our prestigious panel of General Counsel discuss the findings of the 2021 ACC Survey of General Counsel. Strengths include CLO`s global impact as a key business partner, hiring expectations for 2021, the growing role of the legal transaction, legal challenges related to data protection and the role of the legal department in ESG criteria, as well as diversity and inclusion. Listen to the webinar for important insights into leading the modern corporate legal department. Sixty-one per cent of legal services now have at least one legal advisor on staff, by far the highest percentage we have seen since this measure continued. This is an increase of 6,7 percentage points compared to the previous year and an increase of almost 40 percentage points since 2015.Period of use: The investigation was initiated on 1 October 2020 and closed on 29 November 2020. Reminder emails were sent weekly. While CLOs still spend about one-third of their time on legal advice, they also spend a significant amount of time on board and governance matters, contributing to the development of strategy and advising other leaders on non-legal matters. Even more time is spent in these areas when the OCOL reports directly to the CEO. In addition, seven out of ten CLOs report that the management team almost always gets their opinion on business decisions.

Thirty-two percent of legal departments expect to hire more lawyers in 2021, a surprising amount given the COVID-19 pandemic. Even more surprisingly, among departments planning to send more work to law firms, 49% expect to add more in-house lawyers to the survey tool: the survey questionnaire was offered through an online survey platform. This webinar was recorded on March 3, 2021 and is now available upon request. Forty-two percent of CLOs say they plan to introduce new legal technology solutions to improve the department`s efficiency next year, while 10 percent say they have already done so recently. Of those planning to do so in the next year, sixty-seven percent plan to invest in contract management technology, followed by document management and e-signature tools. The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is a global legal association that promotes the common professional and commercial interests of corporate lawyers working for companies, associations and other private sector organizations through information, education, networking opportunities and advocacy initiatives. With more than 45,000 members in 85 countries employed by more than 10,000 organizations, VAC connects its members with the people and resources needed for their personal and professional growth. By an in-house legal adviser, for an in-house ® legal adviser. The legal departments involved also differed significantly in terms of the number of legal staff and the company`s annual turnover.

Sixty-one percent of CLOs say they expect industry-specific regulations to be the biggest legal challenges for their business, followed by privacy regulations (53.6%). The percentage of CLOs that rank political change as the biggest problem has risen significantly, from 30.9 percent last year to 38.2 percent this year, ranking third ahead of mergers and acquisitions. This year`s results show a dynamic and rapidly changing corporate law environment in which legal directors and their departments play an even more important role in shaping and influencing the entire company. As a result of the pandemic, 95% of CLOs report making changes to their employee safety policies and 94% have made changes to their travel policies. These percentages have tripled since the last iteration of the survey before the pandemic, when we asked about changes made due to other geopolitical events. ACC, in collaboration with Exterro, THE exclusive partner of the ACC Alliance for eDiscovery, Privacy and Cybersecurity, presents the results of the 2021 Survey of Chief Legal Officers. This study of legal directors and general counsels is based on the responses of 947 participants in organizations in 21 industries and 44 countries.